Expect more from your pasty.

After all, we sure do.

We love a good pasty!

Do you believe in love at first bite? It's what you'll experience when you try a Grammy's Pasty.

There is nothing like a pasty that is made from scratch with the best and freshest ingredients, like fresh locally sourced Angus beef, Salmon's sausage, fresh ham and eggs, and fresh vegetables.

Each pasty is made by hand in our local facility. Then we par-bake, and flash-freeze them to maintain that home-made freshness.

Choose from our Original, Italian, Traditional, Chorizo, and our Breakfast pasty. We are sure you will find one to love!

The best crust you've ever had.

Let's face it. There's an art to good crust. It needs to be delicate, flaky, and buttery, yet strong enough to keep all of that key moisture trapped inside the pasty. While others have tried to create even passable crusts, they have all fallen short, and in some cases the results can only be compared to compressed sawdust.

You won't get that with a Grammy's Pasty. Our crust is perfect, and follows an authentic Old World recipe handed down for generations. It's why you will get an exceptional pasty every time.



Skip the Ketchup!

Ask a person about a pasty and the first thing they think of is drowning it in ketchup. You know there is a problem when the pasty/ketchup ratio is dangerously close to the condiment becoming a side dish.

A Grammy's Pasty is never dry - we believe it's because of all the fresh ingredients we use. All that sealed-in freshness is what makes ketchup totally unnecessary. Not that we have anything against ketchup. We just think you should save it for your fries.

Only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Why on Earth would you want to eat something that wasn't the freshest it could be? That burger place you tolerate... the meat has been frozen for weeks if not months, and has more miles on it than a '72 Dodge Dart!

We use ONLY fresh, locally sourced meats that are NEVER frozen. Our potatoes, onions, peppers and carrots are all freshly diced in our facility, so we can ensure their quality. In fact, the only thing we use that comes pre-cut is our rutabaga. And the only reason for that is - have you ever tried to cut a rutabaga?!

So tonight, skip the burger joint, and eat fresher than you have since you lived at home. You're welcome.

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What people say about Grammy's Pasty's

Grammy's Pasty's are delicious! The one thing I must say is that they have a lot more big chunks of beef in them. Taste so much like my mom used to make and they will be a staple in my freezer! My brother gave them a big thumbs up too!
A fellow Yooper here dropping you a word about your Grammy's pasty recipe - DELICIOUS being the word! Your Grammy knew how to make a pasty, that's for sure!
Love your breakfast pasties! Goes great with crazy joes salsa!
I just cooked our Italian and Breakfast pasties for dinner and they were amazing, great work Eric!
The breakfast pasty was incredible! Perfect mix of ham & egg.
By far the best tasting pasty I have ever had.
I couldn't believe that this was a frozen pasty when I enjoyed the first bite. Simply excellent!

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